Bitcoin ATMs have started to pop up, especially around malls, convenience stores, and the like. This is part of the effort in making cryptocurrency much more convenient and accessible—two factors that crypto was missing not too long ago and one of the biggest hurdles newcomers to crypto had to face.

That said, with Bitcoin ATMs, the fact is that now, even if you’re a crypto beginner, using cryptocurrencies to pay for stuff has become a lot easier! With that in mind, if you don’t find any reason to use a Bitcoin ATM, here are a few reasons you should be using them:

1. Bitcoin ATMs Don’t Charge You With Fees

Because Bitcoin ATMs are independent of any bank, they tend to be more competitive in their pricing structure. This also means that they don’t charge you with any obligatory commissions, exchange fees, and so on.

2. Convenience is Key

With Bitcoin ATMs, you no longer depend on a centralized authority, whether it’s a bank or a payment processor, to approve your transaction for you. Rather, using a Bitcoin ATM gives you full independence—you verify your identity with the ATM, insert cash, and then you receive BTC to your digital wallet.

With that in mind, crypto ATMs have helped streamline and make transactions with cryptocurrencies more convenient, and this is key to crypto’s adoption.

3. Using Bitcoin ATMs Can Actually Be Fun

While this may not be high on the list of reasons why you should use a crypto ATM, we can’t deny the fact that Bitcoin ATMs can be fun! And there’s no other way of saying it, really. While you’re making a bank transfer or card payment, you’re not having any fun, but with a Bitcoin ATM, you can scan QR codes, hear the cash rolling, and see your phone’s screen light up with your newly-acquired Bitcoin.

4. Crypto ATMs Help You Follow the Laws

As with any other financial institution, Bitcoin ATMs require KYC and AML checks, so you’re following the laws in your country. And while it’s true that crypto regulations are still in the making in many countries, it’s still important to keep up with the trends and the laws of your homeland.

5. Shorter Transactions

As mentioned previously, crypto ATMs don’t depend on a central bank or a payment processor. Instead, they work independently and make quicker transactions independent of the payment processor’s system.

With the help of self-regulation, crypto ATMs can limit transactions to around a minute. This can speed up transactions significantly, helping you save plenty of time in the long run.


Now that you’ve got a list of reasons why you should be using a Bitcoin ATM, you’re probably thinking of how you can get one for the best price.

It is fair to say that crypto ATMs are still very expensive, and unless you’re a business owner or have huge investments in crypto, you may not be able to afford one, getting in touch with the crypto ATM manufacturer and distributor is the best way to go. However, a Bitcoin ATM is a far better alternative than an exchange or a wallet. And with that in mind, don’t forget that you can also use Bitcoin ATMs to sell your cryptos! This makes them a good investment to make, so if you’re looking to invest in a Bitcoin ATM for your business, consider doing so soon!

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