Keeping a steady stream of customers is crucial to the growth and longevity of any business. However, when you’re a small or newly-established business, it may be challenging to attract customers. If you haven’t been generating much profit because of the small number of paying customers walking through your door, why not resort to other ways of making money?

The Challenges of a Physical Store in the Digital Age

Of course, your products or services are the main selling points of your business, but simply offering people your goods isn’t going to increase your customers. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you will undoubtedly have a much more difficult time attracting buyers since online shopping has been all the rage.

With fewer people going to physical stores to buy what they need, the chances of making enough sales have become slimmer than before. However, this doesn’t mean that you have no chance of scaling your business. There are always opportunities to earn; you just haven’t been looking in the right places and considering every possibility that comes your way.

Have you ever thought of owning an ATM near your place of business?

Making Money With an ATM  

Of course, placing advertisements can help promote your business and attract customers, but if you’re looking for a way to bring more people through your door fast, you may want to invest in an ATM. 

An ATM isn’t just necessary to cash-only stores. When placed in a well-trafficked location, an ATM can do so much for your business! An ATM can make a world of difference—read below how it can transform your store.

1. Easy Access to Cash

If you only accept cash, you immediately decrease the number of potential customers. However, when you have an ATM   installed by your store, customers don’t have to head out somewhere far away to withdraw their money and shop somewhere else.

You no longer have to depend on the contents of a customer’s wallet to determine whether they’ll buy from your store or not. With an ATM, customers can easily access the money in their bank accounts and shop in your place of business.

2. Have More People in Your Store

There’s nothing like an ATM to attract people to your place of business! At first, they may only plan to withdraw from your ATM, but there’s always the possibility of something in your store catching their eye and eventually buying something before leaving.

A person may only think of withdrawing from the ATM, but there’s always the chance they are enticed by your products and buy something they didn’t plan to before. With the strategic placement of your merchandise and the ATM, you can significantly increase your sales!

3. Improved Customer Experience

All it takes is one negative review to harm your business! Customer satisfaction is crucial to success, and an ATM can help you with that. By providing convenience to customers with an ATM, they will feel more relaxed in your store and be more willing to buy from you more often.


Aside from advertisements, an ATM can drive sales and attract countless customers to your store! As long as you reach out to a reputable ATM supplier and follow the proper process, an ATM can significantly contribute to your business’s success!

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