Business owners should constantly be on the lookout for new solutions and strategies to improve sales leads. This is why installing ATMs (automated teller machines) are being considered by some company owners to increase passive revenue.

ATMs may help brick-and-mortar companies such as restaurants, gas stations, schools, and business centers. One benefit of owning an ATM is keeping 100% of the ATM surcharge fees (less the ISO fees). The average ATM surcharge is presently at $3.00, with some locations like casinos, public event venues, and high-end malls) charging more. This makes ATMs a great opportunity to increase client traffic and generate revenue for your company. 

A lot of Americans use an ATM at least once every week. Additionally, an average ATM can process around ten transactions per day, particularly in high-traffic areas such as malls, gas stations, and business centers.  A 24/7 ATM in a retail store may make between $450 and $750 per month, so an ATM can easily pay for itself in six months or less.

Smaller, more rural communities may have lower surcharge fees compared to urban locations. But for the sake of convenience, customers don’t usually mind higher surcharge costs. 

You need to study supply and demand in the area you are planning to install your ATM machine because even if it’s a bustling street saturated with ATMs, you can still be positioned strategically in a spot where you can capture a regular customer base. 

Here are three key variables you need to consider when choosing your ATM location’s profitable venture:

1. Tourist and Commercial Areas

Choosing a tourist or commercial district can increase foot traffic to your ATM. It’s also ideal to have ATMs at hotels, restaurants, cafés, events venues, and other places where people gather frequently. 

Tourists, for example, seldom carry large sums of cash. They don’t even need to convert their notes into US dollars because most banks enable automated conversion.

If a hotel, for instance, has 100 rooms and is 80 percent occupied, you might expect 100 or more monthly transactions from hotel visitors.

Choosing a conspicuous location in a business building or street might boost your ATM’s profitability. With this strategic placement, you already have a major potential to attract daily, weekly, and monthly repeat clients from passersby.

2. Your Own Business Location

If your business location has high foot traffic, you can place an ATM inside. For example, major malls and stores with a significant clientele frequently feature ATMs for the most popular banks. 

These sites should expect 10 to 200 ATM transactions each day. This can give a nice yearly ATM revenue stream, depending on your area.

3. Target Areas that Can Give You a Reliable Daily Traffic

For every 100 adult customers a day, an average of 10 percent will use an ATM monthly. Many people still prefer using it for daily expenses and saving 20-40 percent on credit card fees. So even if your ATM is in a residential neighborhood, it may still be beneficial if there is a shortage of ATMs and a large population that can produce leads.

Also, consider placing an ATM near public services like hospitals, schools, and government offices. Barbershops and nail salons are rapidly increasing enterprises that often only accept cash. Installing ATMs in odd locations like these can produce passive money very well.


ATMs can be installed anywhere in the USA, whether indoors or outdoors, residential and commercial, and especially around cash-only establishments. Wherever people demand to get cash, having an ATM installed is a great business idea. Take advantage of this passive income opportunity, and find a reputable ATM supplier to know more about the steps to owning and running your own ATM.

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