One might think that picking an ATM location is as simple as seeing where many people are and plopping one right there. However, there’s so much more to picking an ATM location than just that! There are many considerations to be made to ensure the ATM is placed in the perfect location.

So, how does one pick the perfect location for an ATM machine? Here are the considerations that must be made:

1. Accessibility

The first and most important consideration is accessibility to the ATM. How many people can it service? Accessibility is typically measured in a minimum number of people in a certain area. For example, if a certain street has 8,000 people walking by daily and you pick a spot that only has a foot traffic of 500 people a day, you are going to lose out to the competition and not get any sales.

2. Visibility

Visibility is also a huge consideration. Most people don’t want to walk down an alleyway or an area where they don’t feel completely safe. Even though the traffic may be good, if the visibility is bad, people are not going to go to your ATM.

3. Location

Location is also a huge consideration. This includes looking for areas that are busy but also making sure the area isn’t shady. People don’t want to go somewhere they have never been. Additionally, the location is vital because it’s one of the first things that people see. Make sure they see the ATM and not some trash bags.

4. Transport

When picking a location, it’s important to make sure there is a good flow for getting people to the machine. For example, if someone is getting their wallet out of the ATM machine and a huge tour bus is driving by honking their horn, that’s not going to make the person feel very comfortable. You can’t control this, but you can plan for it.

5. Theft

It also helps to pick a location that isn’t high traffic for criminals. For example, a back alleyway isn’t going to have the best traffic, but it is a great place for a criminal to walk behind the ATM and take money out of the machine. To help combat these crimes, it is crucial to make sure the ATM is in a high-traffic area with lots of other people around.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance is also super essential. If the ATMs are not maintained properly, they create an inconvenience for people, meaning people are going to take their business elsewhere. They don’t want to deal with becoming frustrated by the machine and waiting. So, pick a spot where the ATM can easily be maintained to ensure people want to use the machine.


By following these steps, you’ll be able to choose the perfect location for your ATMs. Choose an ATM location that’s accessible, visible, and in an area that people want to go to. If you follow these steps, you’re bound to achieve success! On the other hand, if you pick a location that’s truly horrid, you’ll find that barely anyone will use it.

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