To a startling degree, the current pandemic that has disrupted our lives and wrought havoc worldwide has also humbled nations as borders, major sectors, industries, and businesses closed. To comply with quarantine requirements, a lot of businesses had to close and reopen remotely.

The current task for governments is to restore both lives and livelihoods alongside ongoing pandemic measures.  For this reason, businesses are continuously developing solutions for the economy’s safe reopening.

The demand for social distance drives our transition to automated and touchless solutions to avoid human touch. Contactless POS (Point of Sales) systems, menus, and reservations are all examples of how the contactless technology trend is becoming a standard for businesses worldwide.

Contactless Technology in Action

Amazon took the lead in 2016 on contactless payment when it launched its connected grocery store, Amazon Go. In China, Alibaba’s Hema Stores utilized robotic technology, online payment apps, and overhead conveyor belts to revolutionize shoppers’ experiences. 

We, at ProSource, have the Clover POS system, a high-performing, significantly fast, safe, and secure all-in-one point of sale and payments system that accepts EMV® chip and signature, magstripe, optional NFC printer, and top third-party contactless payment platforms. It gives your business control, drives your sales, and takes a smarter marketing approach.

It’s high time to switch to more modern ways of doing business, especially since brand loyalty is shifting in this time of crisis. In fact, 40 percent of consumers have changed brands to adjust to new norms. Today, there is an increasing demand for eCommerce and contactless payments that are projected to experience a 160 percent increase in purchases from new or low-frequency users.

Retailers are utilizing cloud-based POS systems to integrate their online and in-store operations to enable contactless purchases. Additionally, brick and mortar stores simplify the buying process for customers. They do this by offering self-ordering or self-checkout kiosks connected to POS systems, curbside pickup, and contactless payments.

Online ordering is another popular alternative, extending the retailer’s reach to new customers while being integrated with the company’s accounting, inventory, employee management, sales monitoring, and customer loyalty programs.

It’s a trend expected to gain popularity even when COVID-19 fears fade. Because contactless payments are quick, easy, and practical, businesses increasingly aim to provide additional contactless options.

A retailer’s contactless shopping strategy will also succeed if it uses a branded website and mobile app that matches the in-store purchasing experience. Workers may be empowered by providing more consumer information and quick access to product availability, order details, and other valuable data.

Advantages of Contactless POS Systems

So far, we’ve seen how contactless shopping provides businesses with several possibilities to streamline operations both during and after the pandemic. The following are the top benefits of POS systems that have built-in support for contactless technology:

  • Safe and Secure: In case of card loss or theft, customers can ask the bank to freeze their accounts. Built-in security in contactless payments also ensures that transactions do not occur accidentally.
  • Paperless Transactions: Digital transactions lower paper and printing costs as customers get receipts through email or text, thus speeding up their sales journey.
  • Speedier Service: Customer transactions are conducted in a more timely, accurate, and secure manner.
  • Seamless System Integrations: Contactless systems may be immediately linked to client purchase histories, allowing email marketing campaigns to send customized offers and communications.
  • Collated Valuable Data: The sales data collected during the contactless transaction may be used to generate reports that break down sales by payment method, transaction time and duration, and if the consumer is new or returning.

Contactless shopping and the pandemic will undoubtedly be connected in the coming years. Still, these solutions that businesses adopt to thrive will eventually be a key element in their continued success in the new normal economy. 


The COVID-19 epidemic affected many aspects of our life, and some of those effects may most likely be irreversible.  The US will not return to normal, but it will create a new normal. One thing is sure: location is no longer a factor in how we purchase. Contactless payment is definitely the future of commerce today.

ProSource provides a range of contactless POS solutions that can assist your business in seamlessly adjusting operations in these changing and challenging times. We equip you to react swiftly and confidently, whether you want to reach new audiences or engage with existing consumers more efficiently.

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