In the past, industrial titans rely on a one-way flow of information. They created the product, and they promoted their merchandise. The 4P marketing mix best symbolizes this process.

On the other hand, modern-day entrepreneurs see their products as an answer to the problem of their target markets. Hence, the creation of SIVA. They are presenting it as the solution.

The customer-centric approach is not limited to product development and marketing. It led to the creation of Choice merchant services. This innovation improved efficiency. Thus, it lessened customer churn.

The benefits might sound too good to be true. However, do not immediately dismiss this technology. On the contrary, please take this time to understand more about it.

What Are Merchant Services?

Merchant services, such as Choice merchant services, are a payment gateway. It allows businesses to accept credit card transactions from their customers.  

To put it in perspective, merchant services are like a bridge. It connects the bank with the market. In this case, the bank (or financial institution) is the customer. The market is the merchant.

Payment gateways, such as Choice merchant services, are highly versatile. It links the merchant and the buyer. The merchant passes the cardholder data to the payment gateway, and it forwards the transaction to the merchant’s bank.   

The purchase will only go through when the merchant’s bank authorizes the transaction. The merchant’s bank confers a unique identifier to the payment gateway. In return, the payment gateway will be able to track the transactions. The merchant will also be able to monitor their retail business. 

How Is Payment Processed?

Merchant services are distinctively different from online banking services and online shopping services. Unlike the former, it is limited to e-commerce. On the other hand, payment gateways are not like shopping sites. 

Unsurprisingly, both are different in many aspects. Merchant services and shopping sites are two separate entities. However, they are linked by a common bond—the cardholder data. 

Nonetheless, merchants have a choice. They can choose to have a shopping cart and website to buy from them directly. They can also choose to have a merchant account and a payment gateway.

Payment Security

It is the primary reason why business owners adopt merchant services. Credit card fraud is a common occurrence. Hence, it is vital to protect their business.

Making a purchase using the cardholder’s data is akin to granting permission. 

The service provider will use the cardholder’s data directly. It will pass it to the payment gateway, which will process the transaction. However, the merchant has a choice. They can choose to accept only certain types of cardholder data. 

In this case, only certain types of transactions will pass. For instance, a restaurant accepts debit cards. Hence, it will only pass on transactions through debit cards.


Merchant services are different from online shopping sites and online banking services. The former can run its business even without a website. 

A payment gateway does not only improve security. It also lessens customer churn. Choice merchant services are tools for your future. It is an investment for your business.

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