Genmega Onyx OX25 ATM


10.1″ Wide Color Screen with Touch Function Keys, Win CE, TCPIP/SSL, SCDU-e Two 1,000 Note (new bills) Removable Cassette Dispenser, Electronic Lock, EMV Card Reader, Integrated Topper, Freight

Genmega introduces the Onyx series ATM for any ATM environment. Boasting a 10.1"' wide screen, or an optional 12” touch screen, a security reflective front, and touch keypad, the Onyx provides the future of ATM technology. The strong cabinet and tough exterior and security enhancements make it durable enough for any location. With all of the cassette options, as well as a presenter option, the Onyx is a flexible solution to meet all location's needs.

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SCDU 1,000-Note Removable Cassette (HCDU 2,000-Note, Two 2,000-Note, or Four 2,000-Note Cassette options available)
10.1" Wide Color Screen (12" Touch Screen upgrade option)
Win CE
Electronic Lock (S&G A-Series or Cencon Lock upgrade options)
U291 Business Hours Safe (Level 1 Safe upgrade option)
EMV Card Reader
Integrated Topper (Low Topper & Mini High Bright Topper Optional)
2" Printer (3" Printer Optional)
Gencam Camera Optional
Bill Presenter Optional
12 Month Warranty
Voice Guided Transactions
One Roll of Paper